The value of investing in a videographer.

If you’re just looking for a videographer who offers the cheapest option, then I may not be the best fit. If you’re looking for a videographer to just be there and capture EVERYTHING, I may also not be the best fit. Value may not be the best fit with a cheap videographer. Value may also not be the best fit if every single thing NEEDS to be captured.

A video is a high value for most who are looking for a talented videographer. I want to be able to offer you the most valuable video ever. I’m not one to capture those planned and posed moments. I want to be more than just a vendor with film gear. You will see more than just a person with a camera because I capture those spontaneous, artistic “in the moment” times.

My job as a videographer is to capture those raw, unplanned moments that you will be least expecting. Those candid spur of the moment shots. Those moments where you are caught smiling at each other as if you’re the only two in the room. Those moments where you are caught raw and unexpected. THOSE are the moments you will value the most in your video.

Availability for the months of 2019:



Starting prices for video:

Local Utah weddings start at $2000

Elopements & Destination start at $2500

Stateside weddings start at $3000


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