About your filmmaking friend, Nat

Heyoo, fancy seeing you here. My name is Natasha (Nat) and I am a digital media marketing professional and content creator with strong videography, photography, and design skills. I am currently studying digital marketing with a minor in digital media at UVU.

I’m always willing to learn and grow in the digital media field. I’m resourceful in gathering innovative ideas and learning new material, developing professional written and oral communications, effective and efficient with marketing strategies, have strong internet access skills, and I am proficient with audio and video editing.

Now enough of the boring, tactical stuff! You can usually find me working, filming, or chilling outside in my hammock.  I love spending time in the mountains or being outside in general. So, if you are ever down to get dirty, sweaty and make some great memories, then you've found the right person.

Some random facts about me:

-I love laughing at memes and old Vines.

-Although it is the absence of color, I love black.

-I love MUSIC!!! I am always blasting my music and constantly updating my playlists. Follow my Spotify for some sick music!

-I literally take my camera with me everywhere. I am that weird girl who always has her camera 24/7. Utilizing my camera in my free time is also my hobby and not just my job!

-90% of my closet is thrifted. I love thrift stores because you can always find the coolest clothes for half the price you’d buy clothes in an actual brand store.

-I am obsessed with the outdoors and working out! I love the ocean, mountains, greenery, flowers, warm weather, sunrises, sunsets, outdoor activities, weight lifting, trail running, etc. It really brightens my mood.

-K last fact, the motto I live by is “fake it ’til you make it”. And when I live by that, I mean I act like I know what I am doing most of the time. Constantly learning behind the scenes, researching, and learning the ins and outs of everything. Everything has been trial and error for me, so I do my best to show the confidence I have in my work and myself! To survive in the creative field, you need to be confident no matter how hard it is! It has helped TONS and I can tell you that if you do that too, it’’ll help you succeed as well.

I am a very easy going and dedicated person to work with.  My clients make work extremely fun and I am so grateful for each and every person I get to meet. I would love to get to know you as well and make your creative ideas come to life whether it be through photo or video! Shoot me an email if you ever want to collaborate or get together and shoot so we can work out a day to work together.




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I had always made stupid videos as a kid. I would alway steal my parent’s point and shoot, invite my friends over, and make weird videos. We would make mini horror series, prank call and challenge videos, along with music videos. Fast forward to the end of my senior year of high school, I had purchased my first DSLR camera to take with me wherever I would go.

I later found out that DSLR cameras had video settings (GEE WOW NATASHA, GREAT DISCOVERY!) and was so intrigued by YouTube. Once Instagram became a big thing in the millennial generation, I stumbled upon some wedding videos from accounts that I was following. I quickly became obsessed with wedding videos and only dreamed of how cool it would be to film a wedding.

I remember selling my DSLR for another one with better video settings on it and began making home videos and videos of my friends. One of my super good friends got married in 2017 and I offered to film her wedding. After filming my first wedding ever, it kicked off from there. I fell in love with the whole wedding scene, editing, and the reaction that my friend had when I showed her the wedding video.

I posted her wedding video all over social media, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook yard sale pages, KSL, and Vimeo. I was receiving inquiries from people I didn’t know, who wanted me to film their weddings!

Ever since, it has been a lot of trial and error, learning from others, and plenty of experience to create this career that I had dreamed of living. I just have to say, if you are parrionate about something, seriously go for it!! Don’t hesitate, take risks, fail, succeed, learn, keep investing because it will all pay off and work out if you really want to do it.